2018 Book Challenge

2018 Book Challenge

I’m not the best at book clubs, I’m not great at writing reviews, mostly because I just want to read more. Gobble up the books, the audiobooks, the Kindle books – all the books. But I really want to read quality in 2018 over quantity.

Reading more is always great, but sometimes I get stuck reading the familiar and comfortable. This year I tried to push myself to read things outside of my favorite genres.
I’m just putting this out there if you want to participate with me for 2018 that is great.

The objective is to chose a minimum of the 12 categories below to challenge and inspire you to branch outward from your normal reading. 24 categories are provided to allow for flexibility and the feeling of freedom.

Our to-be-read lists will grow and multiply.

Book Challenge for 2018

The Big Bad
Read a book that is over 700 pages
Noteworthy and Acclaimed
Read a book that is getting all the fuss
Time Warp
Read a book that takes you forward or backward in time
It’s All About the Destination
Read a book that is set in a place you’ve never been but want to visit
First Things First
Read a book that is the first in a series
The Re-read
Read a book that you’ve read in the last 7 years
Read a mystery
Finding Love
Read a romance novel
Youthful Notions
Pick up a Young Adult read
Favorite Color
Find a book with a cover in your favorite color
Lost in Translation
Read a translated book
Thanks for the Memories
Read a memoir
Criminal Intent
Take the time to read crime instead of doing time
A Healthier You
Read an improvement book
Short and Sweet
A book of essays, short stories or poetry
Spooky Book-y
Horror books, true crime, political biographies, read something unsettling
Queer Eye
Read something by or about the LGBTQ community (bonus points for fiction)
Read fiction about the older generations
High School Book Report
Read a book you read in high school or that is currently assigned in high school
Banned but not Forgotten
Read a book that has controversy around it
Hidden in Plain Sight
Read a book that’s been on your shelf – but you haven’t gotten around to reading it
Happy Birthday to You
Watch for new releases around your birthday and devour one of them
A Minority Perspective
Read something from a minority author
Blow the Dust Off
Read a book published over 100 years ago

Add On Book Challenges

For the advanced reader here are some extra challenges for you to take on in 2018.

Read and Review
Read what you want but you must write a review of it
Pay it Forward
Read anything but convince someone else to read it too

Get Ready for 2018 Now

Join me on Facebook to join the discussion. Let me know what 12 books you are planning on reading in 2018. If you need help in choosing, I’ll help you find the right book!

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