BookTube is Cutting into my Reading Time

BookTube is Cutting into my Reading Time

I discovered booktube late in 2017.  If you haven’t heard of booktube or want to know more, check out my guide on finding the best creators and content  Discovering Booktube 

Since discovering this platform my to-be-read list has doubled and my reading time has evaporated!

When I first started watching these videos – I would watch whatever popped up based on the YouTube algorithms.  Now, I have found several channels that are my go-to for certain genres.  When diving into booktube, you’ll notice the same faces keep popping up as recommended videos, however the further you dive in, you’ll realize how vast this community is and how there are different niche groups within the booktube world.

This month I wanted to share with you 5 favorite booktubers that focus on adult fiction.

Sometimes the best booktube video to watch is after you’ve read a book and you want to hear another review, differing opinion or additional discourse. Sometimes you find creators that you’d want to have a cup of tea or pint of beer with.


Getting Hygge With It

Creator:  April

Overall Personality:  Warm, caring and sincere.

Tone of Channel:  Cozy and Conversational

Genres: Historical Fiction to Horror  & Women’s Fiction to Thrillers, Backlist titles

Types of Videos:  Book hauls, reviews, tags and wrap-ups,

Been on BookTube Since :  2017


Read Remark

Creator:  Beth

Overall Personality:  Funny and Smart

Tone of Channel:   Conversational, Quirky and Tell-it like it is

Genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thrillers, New Releases, Basically Anything

Types of Videos:   Reviews, tags and wrap-ups

Been on BookTube Since :  2017


Reads and Daydreams

Creator:  Lauren

Overall Personality:  Warm, Reflective yet Energized

Tone of Channel:  Cozy and Conversational

Genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Poetry, New releases, Non-Fiction, Feminism

Types of Videos: Wrap-Ups, Hauls, Tags, How-to-Booktube Informational/Instructional, Reviews

Been on BookTube Since : 2014



Wandering Reader

Creator: Lindsi

Overall Personality: Genuine, Thoughtful and Friendly

Tone of Channel: Conversational and Enthusiastic

Genres: Thriller, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, True Crime

Types of Videos: Recommendations, Wishlists, Hauls, Reviews, Book Prize Lists

Been on BookTube Since:  2016


Claire Reads Books

Creator: Claire

Overall Personality:  Smart, Reflective yet Approachable

Tone of Channel:   Thoughtful yet Tell-It-Like-It-Is

Genres:  Literary Fiction,  Classics and Non-Fiction

Types of Videos:  Recommendations, Reviews, Wrap-Ups, Tags

Been on BookTube Since: 2017

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