Cures for a Reading Slump

Cures for a Reading Slump

At the end of 2017, I was thrilled with exceeding my reading goal, and excited to read all the books I have been researching for the 2018 reading challenge.  I finished reading my first book of 2018, and in less than a week into the new year,  I got hit with a cold. I had no attention span for Netflix, let alone reading.  Now that I’ve recovered from the land of cough drops and vapor rub, here I am, in the midst of reading slump.  To help get back on track, this week is about getting focused and back into the reading zone.


Here is my action plan.

Genre Busting:  I have my go-to genres but I’m going to pick some books from outside of the norm to try to overcome my slump.

Give it Fifty pages:  I am a mood reader so I have several things going at the same time.  I just haven’t found out what book I need to be reading right now.   I’m going to get to page 50 in everything I have started half-heartedly including those genre busting books I alluded to above.  If I’m enjoying the book I’ll continue reading, if it’s not really grabbing my attention I’ll hit the proverbial pause button and come back to it later.  Since I recognize that I’m in a slump, I won’t abandon anything permanently – I’ll just revisit the books I wasn’t able to get into this month at a later date.

One night a week without the television:  Part of our household goals for 2018 include meat-less Mondays, Reading/Writing Tuesdays and Thursday game night. Tonight I’ll hunker down with my husband for some companion reading on the couch and a slice of coconut cake.

A dash procrastination:  I will organize my books this afternoon to see if I have something hidden in plain sight that I have overlooked. Make the old unread books new again.

Book Browsing: A little guilt-free book browsing on the library website, the libby app or goodreads should get me back into focus for all of the books I was thrilled to read two-weeks ago.


What do you do to get out of a reading slump?   Join in on the conversation!

What’s your favorite snack when reading? 



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