First Read of the New Year

First Read of the New Year

I’m starting off the year with Catherine Steadman’s The Family Game. The beginning has hooked me in and it’s got multiple layers of creepy. This was both a slow burn and a page turner.

Tropes and Themes: Orphan to Elite. Complicated Families. Surprise Pregnancy. No one is as they seem. Trust Issues. Family Business/ Family Institution.

I had a fun time with this book. It nicely took place around the holidays so perfect to read this time of year.

Harriet who goes by Harry, is a budding novelist who is dating Edward who is part of an elite, old-money family. Things start to get interesting when it’s time for Harry to meet her future in-laws after Edward’s over-the-top proposal. This family has some very different family traditions and passing these tests is only just the start.

If you were disappointed with The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes; The Family Game is probably worth a try.

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