The 2019 Paperfruit Reading Challenge

The 2019 Paperfruit Reading Challenge

Last year I created my first reading challenge in order to expand my reading world. However, somewhere along the way I lost focus on the challenge itself. Surprisingly, after February I stopped trying to read books because it was something I could check off of the list. Once I removed the constraint of the challenge list, I was just reading an interesting variety of books on my own accord.

How did I find the books I read?

  • I had them on my shelf
  • I found them at the library
  • Algorithms found them for me
  • Book Club
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Reading other book blogs
  • Booktube
  • Podcasts about books
  • Scrolling through bookstagram and seeing a pretty cover
  • Reading publishing news magazines for work

I love lists, so I thought having a plethora of categories would be fun and exciting. However, in hindsight, I made too many categories and had choice paralysis. At first, I wanted to read something from each category. Then I wanted each book to count for multiple categories. It was my overzealous competitive streak that was working against me and my reading goals.

Last January, I tried to plan out everything I would read for the year; but when it came down to it- that was too limiting for me. Part of the reading experience I enjoy is the freedom that comes from finding something new to read. This is why my to-be-read list is a little bit out of control. This year I’m going to try something different. I’m going to simplify the categories.

The 2019 Paperfruit Reading Challenge

Join me in this year’s reading challenge. It covers only 5 categories!

Historical: This could be non-fiction or historical fiction but something taking place in the past.

Fantastical: This category could include magical realism, fantasy, epic fantasy, speculative fiction or sci-fi. Something in another world containing sprinkles of magical.

Beneficial: This is a unique category in that it could be a how-to, a lifestyle book, memoir. The main point would be gaining a new perspective or improving your life. This could also include books about the environment, politics or a cookbook. After reading from this category you should have a real-life take-away.

Theatrical: Read a play, screenplay or a book that has been made into movie.

Criminal: Reading a mystery, horror, or thriller would fit the bill for this category. If you wanted to go outside something you would normally pick up; try true crime, a biography about a notorious criminal or a book that highlights the faults in our justice system.

I will share monthly picks that fall into The 2019 Paperfruit Reading Challenge categories. Hopefully this will inspire you to pick up something new and outside of your go-to arsenal.

If you like a reading challenge that is more specific or a little quirky; here a few that I have stumbled across that might be a better fit for you.

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If you choose to participate in The 2019 Paperfruit Reading challenge or if you pick another challenge, let’s talk about what you are reading!

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